"My Welcome Mat”

Happy release day to Jenny Tolman! “My Welcome Mat” is officially out, and like Jenny, it embodies pure love, light, and beauty! This song is truly a representation of Jenny’s spirit, and warm personality. It’s special. I’m so incredibly proud to have played bass on this beautiful song... and you may even recognize a familiar voice on that top harmony! I’m so thankful to be among such creative, talented souls. AND - the cherry on top of this big, delicious, sweet, gluten-free cake is Dolly Parton adding “My Welcome Mat” to her Apple Music playlist, “What Would Dolly Do.” Amazing. We love you, Dolly! You and Jenny are truly like two peas in a sparkly, rhinestoned pod! 

Blog post coming soon! So many behind-the-scenes stories to share… especially for my bass pals!

Amanda McCoy