Constructed of archetypal themes, Annaline Suite is the latest from Amanda McCoy, who adds new pages that reveal a protagonist darker than the purple poison of her name.  Revenge.  Ecstasy, Darkness.  But a Queen is coming...
McCoy's influences range from the Chicago Blues of Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, and Willie Dixon to the complex textures of Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, and David Bowie.  Add to these the raw emotion of Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, and the Rolling Stones, the evocative lyricism of Bernie Taupin, Bruce Springsteen, and the funkiness of Stevie Wonder, the rootsy soul of the Band and the Staples Singers, and an upbringing suffused with a soundtrack by Jones, Haggard, Jennings - and we are getting closer to understanding the amalgam that informs Amanda's panoramic albums like Jade and The Hurt, and singles like "The Rain Barrel."
What else would you expect with a name like Amanda Louise McCoy?
That she is also the lead guitarist for multi-platinum prog rock band Pavlov's Dog,
Has opened for the likes of George Jones, Marty Stuart, Clint Black, Charlie Daniels, Molly Hatchet, and Brad Paisley,
Lights up the stage with her dynamic stage presence, vivacious personality, and heavy groove, backed up by her formidable guitar, bass, and vocal chops,
Performs her original catalogue of more than 75 songs to appreciative audiences in the U.S. and Canada,
And most importantly, that she is the sole creative force behind the music, lyrics, album art, live show, and visual artwork. No co-writes. No auto-tune. No influence from the suits.
One vision - one distinct sound.


Nashville series | Amanda McCoy from NOMAD Live on Vimeo.






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 "Based in Nashville, TN - Amanda and the boys of Vertigo Moon are bringing back the tried-and-true (old-school) concept of a real, energetic, soul-shaking, foot-stomping, LIVE show. No auto-tune. No over-played songs. No bullshit - just TRUE classic rock from the golden-era, electrifying blues, classic outlaw-country, and plenty of great original material."

"Amanda McCoy came forward to fan the flames in a solo acoustic set that was all the talk. In spite of her youth, she proved to be a talented and strong individual whose soul runs deep blue." 

- BJFM, Blues Triangle Update 

“When I heard the songs Amanda sent to me, I immediately felt her personality, spirit, and energy in the music...I immediately had a visual picture as if I were watching a movie...I was very impressed with that, and it made me excited to support that vision by recording drums and percussion to "Speed of Your Love" and "Leander." I really got her vibe. I love it."

- Kenny Aronoff, Professional Drummer (featured on Amanda's album, The Hurt)

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